Pyrotechnology 219 shot By KLASEK



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New for 2021, This is a great new product from Klasek. This sizeable firework has a staggering 4000g of powder and fires 219 shots from 25mm and 30mm tubes in multi formations over a 110 secs.


This is a great new product from Klasek.  To start is a fanned volley of huge golden brocades with green and red tips plus red and silver strobing stars. Then a V formation of green dahlias with a Ruby red ghosting to golden orange dahlias with Ruby red ghosting. Next is a sizzling silver spider with red strobe section leading to huge glittering willows with multi coloured strobing stars. A fantastic display of golden brocades tipped with red, purple, green, pink, and white pearls with a central effect of chrysanthemum crackle all fired in a W formation. Then we have a fanned section of willows and multi coloured pearls leading to a V shot display of thick brocades tipped with red and green pearls with silver strobes. Leading to the finale is a volley of large glittering willows surrounded by multicoloured dahlias and gold chrysanthemum crackle followed by the climax of huge willows and silver spider brocades with a volley, fanned glittering willows to a sky filler of chrysanthemum crackle!!

A lot of firework and a lot of fun for any display!!

Approx time


Firing pattern


Firing shots


Hazard class



25-30 metres

Noise level


Powder weight



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